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Nov 2018 Kira Timm DRP Petrographic and Materials Investigations Geochemical and micropaleontological evidence of paleoenvironmental change in the Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway from the Niobrara to the Pierre Shale Formation
Oct 2018 Jeff May

Colorado School of Mines

EOG (retired)

The Sedimentology of Mudrocks: Organics, Organisms, and Occasional Occurrences
Sep 2018 Zane Jobe Colorado School of Mines Applying scaling relationships to enable better reservoir prediction in submarine depositional systems: Bridging the gap between geomorphology and the stratigraphic record
Aug 2018 Justin E. Birdwell U.S. Geological Survey Distribution of mineral phases in the Green River Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado: Implications for the evolution of Eocene Lake Uinta
Apr 2018 John B. Curtis GeoMark Research, Ltd. A Tale of Three Oil Families: An Appreciation of Carbonate-Rich, Mississippian Source Rocks in the Williston Basin of North America
Mar 2018 Michael H. Gardner Independent Consultant Tectonics and Sedimentation of Permian Delaware Basin Deepwater Systems
Feb 2018 Larry Rasmussen Whiting Petroleum Corporation The Early Triassic Moenkopi Petroleum System on the San Rafael Swell, Central Utah
Jan 2018 Donna Anderson Colorado School of Mines Subcrop reinterpretation of the Ordovician Bighorn Dolomite and Devonian Darby Formation: Implications for upwarping across the Transcontinental Arch, Southwest Wyoming
Nov 2017 Sven Egenhoff Colorado State University What is so Special about Shales? Concepts, Questions, and Problems (and, a Few Answers)
Oct 2017 Steve Cumella Consultant to Whiting Fun Things to Do with Digital Logs in Your Spare Time
Sep 2017 Ali Jaffri Applied Stratigraphix Our Belief in Benches; Will it Ever Go Away? A Sequence Stratigrapher's Perspective on Layer-Cake Stratigraphy
Jun 2017 James Hagadorn DMNS Slime, Salt, and Redbeds: Recipe for Colorado’s Permo-Triassic, and Possibly an Extinction
Apr 2017 Chris Laughrey Weatherford Labs Petroleum Geochemistry and Mudstone Diagenesis of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, USA – An Integrated Approach
Mar 2017 Sven Egenhoff CSU Upper Bakken shale facies architecture, and the lower to middle Bakken member transition – what you can see in core, and its applicability to drilling (and fracking)
Feb 2017 Alena Grechishnikova CSM Discrete Fracture Networks in the Niobrara and Codell: from Outcrop Surveys to Subsurface Reservoir Models
Jan 2017 Vitor Abreu SEPM President

A Simplified Guide For Sequence Stratigraphy: Nomenclature, Definitions and Method

Click here for Vitor Abreu's Presentation in PDF format
Nov 2017 Michael Domenick Slick Oil The Northern DJ Codell: Distribution of Rock Properties
Oct 2017 John McLeod SM Energy When Clastics and Carbonates Collide: Preservation and Exposure of a Unique Upper Pennsylvanian (Missourian) Fossil Assemblage from the Fort Worth Basin of North Texas
Sep 2017 Nicholas Roseanau Dolan Integrated Geochemistry The Geochemistry of Organic Rich Source Rocks and its Application in Basin Modeling (Williston Basin)
Aug 2016 Morgan Brown NEOS Rocky Flats re-revisited: TTI PSDM Case Study in Complex Overthrust Geology
June 2016 David Budd Colorado University Boulder

Making geologic sense of pore-system characterizations in carbonate-rich mudrocks: an examples from the Niobrara Formation, DJ Basin

Apr 2016 Tristan Euzen IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc. The Montney-Doig Fine-Grained Source-Reservoir System: A Basin Perspective
Mar 2016 Janok Bhattacharya

McMaster University

SEPM President

Variation of Rivers and Their Paleo-drainages in Mesozoic Foreland Basins of North America
Feb 2016 Steven Goolsby Goolsby Brothers Associates, Inc. Depositional Environments and Stratigraphy of Valley-Fill Deposits in the Lower Cretaceous D Sandstone (Cenomanian), Denver Basin, Colorado
Dec 2015 Don Rasmussen Paradox Basin Data Subsurface and surface stratigraphic evidence for surface extrusions of Pennsylvanian Paradox salt beginning in the Early Permian and still happening, Paradox Basin, SE Utah and SW Colorado
Oct 2015 James Hagadorn Denver Museum of Nature and Science Colorado's newest mass extinction: Weird facies and cool fossils from the end-Devonian Dyer Formation
Sep 2015 Gus Gustason Enerplus Playing Battleship in the Powder River Basin - exploring for isolated, shelf sandstone bodies and associated halo plays of the Wall Creek and upper Turner Sandstone
Jun 2015 Bob Raynolds Denver Museum of Nature and Science Colorado's stratigraphy re-charted, reveals patterns in deposition and erosion
Apr 2015 Jesse Pisel Colorado School of Mines Influence of Lateral Boundary Conditions on Fluvial Channel-belt Clustering and Connectivity
Mar 2015 Kitty Milliken Bureau of Economic Geology, UT-Austin Proposed Compositional Classification of Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks
Feb 2015 John Humphrey Colorado School of Mines Overview of a Giant Resource Play: Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina
Jan 2015 Ian Miller Denver Museum of Nature and Science Reading the Leaves: The Paleoecology and Paleolatitude of the Early Cretaceous (Albian) Winthrop Formation, Washington State, USA
Nov 2014 Gary Gianniny Fort Lewis College Progradational Clastic and Carbonate Sequences Pennsylvanian Hermosa Group, Paradox basin, Southwestern Colorado
Oct 2014 Rob Lander GeoCosm Sandstone Reservoir Quality Prediction: Methodology and Examples
Sep 2014 Andrew Madoff Chevron The Effect of Tectonic Tilting on Controlling Nearshore Deposition: Insights from the 3D Stratigraphy of the Cozzette Sandstone (Campanian), Book Cliffs, Colorado
June 2014 David Katz Whiting Petroleum Corporation Stable Carbon Isotope Chronostratigraphy of Dolomitized Reservoirs from Outcrops and Subsurface Core of the Mississippian Madison Limestone, Wyoming and Montana
Apr 2014 Paul Heller University of Wyoming External vs. Intrinsic Controls on Bimodal Fluvial Architecture in the Morrison and Wasatch Formations, eastern Utah and western Colorado
Mar 2014 David Pyles Colorado School of Mines Compensational Stacking in Siliciclastic Sedimentary Systems:  Applications to Reducing Uncertainty in the Prediction of Reservoir Heterogeneity
Feb 2014 Rex Cole Colorado Mesa University Lithofacies, Depositional Systems, and Reservoir Characteristics of the Burro Canyon (Cedar Mountain) - Dakota Interval, Southwest Piceance Basin, Colorado
Jan 2014 Brad Sageman Northwestern University Development of Cenomanian-Campanian Chronostratigraphy for the Resource-rich Facies and Basins of the Western Interior Region
Nov 2013 Juergen Schieber Indiana University An Overview of Experimental Mudstone Sedimentology - Results of Experiments and Applications to the Rock Record
Oct 2013 Steve Laubach Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin

Predicting Size and Why it Matters: A Structural Diagenesis Approach to Fracture Prediction

Oct 2013 William Drake Pioneer Natural Resources Basin-Scale Controls on Oil Accumulations in the Niobrara Formation of the Denver-Julesburg Basin: Basement Tectonics, Stratigraphic Evolution, and Timing
May 2013 Bob Raynolds Denver Museum of Nature & Science Tale of Two Basins: the Tertiary Evolution of the Wind River and Denver Basins "The Past is Your Future"
Apr 2013 Marieke Dechesne USGS Affiliate Basin Evolution of the Colorado Headwaters Basin (North Park-Middle Park) between 70 and 55 Ma
Mar 2013 Steve Cumella and Mark Kirschbaum

Endeavour International

Colorado School of Mines

Stratigraphic Trapping Mechanisms in the Iles Formation,
Piceance Basin, Northwest Colorado
Feb 2013 Gail Ashley Rutgers University The Paleoclimatic Framework of Human Evolution
Jan 2013 Gus Gustason Enerplus Resources (USA) Corporation Fuzzy Facies
Nov 2012 Mark Kirschbaum United States Geological Survey Controls on deposition and preservation of Cretaceous Mowry Shale and Frontier Formation and equivalents, Rocky Mountain Region, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming
Oct 2012 Christopher Laughrey Weatherford Laboratories Dual Mineral Matrix and Organic Pore Textures in Thermally Mature Niobrara Formation (Upper Cretaceous) Rocks, Rocky Mountains Region, USA -
Implications for Tight-Oil Carbonate Reservoir Modeling
Sep 2012 Terri Olson EOG Resources It's a Small World After All: Mudrock Pore Systems
May 2012  Mary Kraus University of Colorado at Boulder (Talk Cancelled)
Apr 2012  Ian Miller Denver Museum of Nature and Science The Snowmastodon Project: A Preserved Ice Age Fossil Ecosystem
Mar 2012  Stephanie Gaswirth and Debra Higley United States Geological Survey

Reservoir Characterization of the Hunton Group in the West Edmond Field, Oklahoma

Feb 2012  David Pyles Colorado School of Mines

Hydrodynamic Fractionation of Minerals in Distributive Sedimentary Deposits: Implications for Reservoir Quality

Jan 2012  Alan Carroll

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Prospects and Progress in the Green River Formation Oil Shale, Western U.S.
Nov 2011 Ed LoCricchio Cordillera Energy

Stratigraphic Framework and Controls on Pennsylvanian Granite Wash Production, Anadarko Basin, Texas and Oklahoma

Oct 2011 Michael Dolan Dolan Integration Group Constructing Regional Maturity Maps for Unconventional Success
Sep 2011 Jeffrey A. May & Donna S. Anderson EOG Resources, Inc Mudrock Reservoirs-Why Depositional Fabric & Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Matter
May 2011 Steven T. Hasiotis University of Kansas Continental Ichnology: Interpreting Paleoenvironments, Sedimentation Rate, Paleosol Formation, Paleohydrology, and Paleoclimate
Apr 2011 Andres Aslan Mesa State University The Role of Avulsion During Valley Filling: Examples From the Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast
Mar 2011 Paul Myrow Colorado College Depositional Dynamics of a Highstand Prodeltaic System in the Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation of the Central Colorado Basin: Deposits of Wave-Influenced Turbidity Currents
Feb 2011 Mason Dykstra Colorado School of Mines Deepwater Tidalites: Modern Occurrence and Ancient Preservation
Jan 2011 Donna S.Anderson EOG Resources, Inc. & Colorado School of Mines 

Stratigraphy and Depositional Controls on the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, southeastern Uinta basin, Utah

Nov 2010 Ned L. Frost ConocoPhillips  Stratigraphic Controls on Fracture Patterns and the Development of a Platform-Scale Fluid-Flow Network in Carbonate Systems. Insights from the Canning Basin, Western Australia; and the Guadalupe Mountains, NM (abstract missing)
Oct 2010 Brian A. Zaitlin BMO Capital Markets Recent Advances in Our Understanding of Incised Valley Systems Utilizing Examples from the Lower Cretaceous (Lakota equivalent) of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Sep 2010 Marieke Dechesne Denver Museum of Nature and Science Four Dimensional Sedimentation Patterns in the Denver Basin, Colorado
May 2010 Gregory Wahlman Wahlman Geological Services Diverse Origins and Facies of Carbonate Microporosity
Apr 2010 Christopher R. Fielding University of Nebraska-Lincoln A Modern Planform, Process and Facies Analog for the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone of Utah: Applications to Exploration and Reser voir Description
Mar 2010 Robert Amerman Colorado School of Mines Stratigraphy of a Mass Transport Dominated Deepwater Carbonate Interval, Permian Cutoff Formation, West Texas
Feb 2010 Donna S.Anderson Colorado School of Mines and EOG Resources, Inc.

Stratigraphy and Depositional Controls on the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, southeastern Uinta basin, Utah

Jan 2010 Erik R. Kling EOG Resources, Inc. A Framework for Finer-grained Fan Fringe Facies: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Distal Brushy Canyon Deposits, Delaware Basin, West Texas
Nov 2009 Mark Kirschbaum United States Geological Survey Stratigraphy, Age, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Frontier Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming (no abstract submitted)
Oct 2009 Alan J. Scott Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Graphic Methods to Illustrate Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Concepts:  Case Studies from Triassic “Red Bed Climatic Cycles” and Cretaceous Coastal Plain Fluvial and Lacustrine Systems

Sep 2009 Grace L. Ford Baytex Energy USA Ltd. & Colorado School of Mines Fluvial Architecture of the Wasatch Formation in Three Canyons, Utah: Implications for Reservoir Down-spacing and Drainage (no abstract submitted)
May 2009  Jim Borer  El Paso  Altamont Field, Northern Uinta Basin: Development Operations and Regional Correlation of the Wasatch and Green River Formations 
Apr 2009  Jennifer Aschoff  Colorado School of Mines  Recognition and Significance of Ancient Bayhead Delta Deposits: Examples from the Western Interior, USA 
Mar 2009  Brian Berwick  Samson Resources  Deposition Environment, Mineralogy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the late Devonian Sanish member (Upper Three Forks), Williston Basin, North Dakota 
Feb 2009  Harvey DuChene  Consultant  Tectonic Influences on Speleogenesis in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas 
Jan 2009  Lyn Canter, Orion Skinner, Mark Sonnenfeld  Whiting Oil and Gas Corp.  Facies and Mechanical Stratigraphy of the Middle Bakken, Mountrail County, North Dakota 
Nov 2008 David A. Budd Department of Geological Sciences University of Colorado, Boulder , CO Lateral diagenetic patterns in the fabrics, petrophysics and geochemistry of Madison dolograinstones – evidence of self-organizing phenomena?
Oct 2008 Charles T. Feazel ConocoPhillips, Houston, Texas North Sea Chalk: 40 Years of Production at Ekofisk
Field from a Rock Some Said Would Never Flow Oil

Sep 2008 Carmela N. Garzione Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
Rise of the Andes & the Geodynamics of Orogenic Plateaus

May 2008 Michael H. Gardner Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman MT 59717
Deepwater Sedimentation from Hyperpycnal Flows of Shelf-Margin Deltas in an Active Tectonic Setting: Upper Cretaceous Prairie Canyon Member (Mancos B) of Mancos Shale, Eastern Utah and Western Colorado
Apr 2008 Rick Sarg Colorado Energy Research Institute, Colorado School of Mines
Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Economic Importance of Carbonate-Evaporite Transitions with Emphasis on the Paradox Basin
Mar 2008 Tony D'Agostino OMNI Laboratories, Weatherford Core Evaluation Services
Age, Sequences, Depo-Models, and Biofacies: U.S. Mississippian Shale-Gas Basins
Feb 2008 John Webb*,
Alan Byrnes**,
and Dan Krygowski*
*The Discovery Group, **Kansas Geological Survey
Reservoir Quality of the Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado (or: How can Rock Typing and Petrophysics help us to Understand and Predict Reservoir Performance?)
Oct 2007 Mary J. Kraus Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder
Using multiple paleosol proxies to interpret paleoclimate change: The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in Wyoming
Sep 2007 Mark D. Sonnenfeld,
Michael P. Dempsey,
Hai-Zui Meng,
Stephen O. Norris
Whiting Petroleum Corp.,
EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.,, Inc.,
J-W Operating Company
3D Geomodeling of Heterogeneous Fluvial Reservoirs of the Williams Fork Formation, Mamm Creek Field, Piceance Basin, CO
May 2007 Mark D. Sonnenfeld,
Donna S. Anderson
Whiting Petroleum Corp.,
EOG Resources and Colorado School of Mines
Approaches to Stratigraphic Cross-Section Construction
Apr 2007 Edmund R. "Gus" Gustason,
Marshall Deacon,
Colleen Sherry
El Paso
EnCana Oil & Gas
Kerogen Resources
Resource Potential of Fine-grained Source Rocks, Wattenberg Gas Field, Denver Basin, Colorado
Mar 2007 David R. Pyles Chevron Center of Research Excellence,
Colorado School of Mines
Integrating outcrop and subsurface data to define regional and reservoir-scale patterns in the Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone of the Great Divide and Washakie basins, Wyoming
Feb 2007 Marian J. Warren EnCana Corp.
A High-Impact Gas Discovery in a Maturing Basin (Western Canada)
Jan 2007 Donna Anderson Colorado School of Mines & EOG Resources
Turbidites in the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway:
The Known and the Possible

Nov 2006 Piret Plink-Bjorklund Colorado School of Mines
Wave-to-Tide Process Change in a Campanian Shoreline Complex, Chimney Rock Tongue, Wyoming/Utah
Oct 2006 Steve Cumella Bill Barrett Corporation
Relationship of Marine Sandstones, Coals, and Fluvial Architecture, Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado
Sep 2006 R.W. Dalrymple Queen's University
Where Does the Mud Go? The Dispersal of Mud From Rivers and the Stratigraphic Implications
May 2006 Robert E. Zilinski Jr,
Donna M. Goldstein
Western Gas Resources Inc.
Paleotectonic Controls and their Relationship to Wyodak Coal Deposition and Production in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Apr 2006 Kitty L. Milliken University of Texas at Austin
Reservoir Quality Assessment: Petrography as a Tool for Deciphering Kinetically-dominated Systems and the Need for Petrographic Education
Mar 2006 Yuval Bartov,
Dag Nummedal
Colorado Energy Research Institute - Colorado School of Mines
The Basin Fill History of the Green River Formation in the Piceance Creek Basin, CO
Jan 2006 William C. Ross GeoGraphix
Searching for Sub-Seismic Resolution Features in Mature Basins: Log-Based Sequence Stratigraphy of the Fox Hills and Lewis Formations
Nov 2005 Donna Anderson Colorado School of Mines
Comparing types of fluvial bodies, with implications for reservoir description: Nonmarine Iles Formation near Rangely, Colorado
Oct 2005 Stephen Sturm Schlumberger DCS
Geologic Constraints on Restimulation of the Blair Formation, Brady Field, SW Wyoming
Sep 2005 Paul Heller University of Wyoming
Controls on Alluvial Architecture on Intermediate Time Scales
May 2005 Stephen O. Norris EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.
Characterization, Simulation, and Successful Development of a Tight Gas, Fluvial Reservoir System in the Piceance Basin, CO
Apr 2005 Pete Varney Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Some Thoughts on Dakota Stratigraphy and Exploration, Chama Basin, New Mexico
Mar 2005 Jane E. Estes-Jackson McElvain Oil & Gas Properties, Inc.
Reservoir Characterization of the Wasatch Formation in the Hanging Rock Development Area, Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah