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NEW FOR 2018!    RMS-SEPM Brown Bag Luncheon Series

Our Next Luncheon Talk

(11:30 Reception; 11:45 Lunch; 12:15 Talk)


The next talk of the 2018 RMS-SEPM Luncheon Lecture Series will be held on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018.

The Early Triassic Moenkopi Petroleum System on the San Rafael Swell, Central Utah

Larry Rasmussen

Whiting Petroleum Corporation


11:30 Reception, 11:45 Lunch, 12:15 Talk
at the
Wynkoop Brewing Company
1634 18th St., Denver, CO

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The Early Triassic Moenkopi Formation across central Utah is charged with oil, and it has been estimated to contain up to 60 million barrels of oil in-place per square mile. On the San Rafael Swell (SRS) Anticline in Emery and Carbon counties, the Moenkopi is a giant, breached oil accumulation with oil saturated rocks at the surface, production between 4,000 and 6,000 ft in the subsurface, and numerous oil shows that extend to 9,000 ft down-dip of the outcrop. Three members of the Moenkopi, the Torrey, Sinbad and Black Dragon, are mixed siliciclastic and carbonate intervals, and all contain hydrocarbons that are likely sourced from the Mississippian Delle Phosphatic Member of the Woodman Formation in the Sevier Thrust Belt to the west. On the northern plunge of the SRS, the Moenkopi produces 40-gravity oil from Grassy Trail Field, home to some of the first horizontal drilling in the U.S. Between 2012 and 2014, Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation drilled and cored three Moenkopi tests on the northern plunge and western flank of the SRS and established 45-gravity oil production in a one-mile horizontal well located 1,500 ft down-plunge from Grassy Trail Field in a mappable sandstone reservoir. While the Moenkopi is unconventional in the sense that there is no down-dip water leg to the regional accumulation and the reservoir properties generally prohibit vertical production, there are challenges to broad, repeatable horizontal resource play application for hydrocarbon extraction.


Speaker Biography:

Larry Rasmussen is an exploration geologist with Whiting Petroleum Corporation in Denver where he has been happily working basins in the Rocky Mountain region for the past 14 years. He's a member of RMAG, RMS-SEPM, DWLS, AAPG, FCGS and WGA. Favorite pastimes include field geology and looking for fossils with his father, hiking, camping and collecting more records than he has room for.



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