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Dear RMS-SEPM Members & Friends,

We are pleased to announce a Core Workshop to be held on January 24th!

Core Description for the Casual Practitioner

(PDF Version of announcement HERE)

Never been formally trained to describe core? Does your company not have a dedicated “science” team who handles core? Do you feel overwhelmed when presented with a core and have only a limited time to look at it? What should you focus on? How do you approach it?

This six-hour workshop will give participants a quick-look technique for recording salient sedimentary geologic features in core. It is designed for the practitioner who is not an expert in sedimentology or stratigraphy. The quick-look technique emphasizes graphically and precisely recording sedimentary and biogenic features that are easily recognized. The technique assumes that if more is needed, the casual describer will consult with someone who is an expert. Each participant will practice this technique twice on different siliciclastic (sandstone/mudstone) cores during the workshop.

Discussions will include:
1. How to recognize and select the level of detail needed and what questions can be answered for each level of detail;
2. How to leverage existing core photos and take core photos with your smartphone;
3. How to integrate the graphic description with digital workflows: integrating wireline logs, multi-scale petrographic examination, core-plug derived properties, and chemostratigraphic analysis.

Dr. Donna Anderson and Natasha Rigg will be the instructors for this course.

DATE: Tuesday, January 24th (with an overflow date of January 25th)
TIME: 9:00am to 3:00pm (lunch provided)
WHERE: USGS Core Research Center in Lakewood, CO
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 30 per day (overflow day triggered when we have 20 people on waitlist)
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Geologists, Engineers, Geophysicists
COST: $200 regular, $100 for unemployed, $50 for students (limit 5 per session)

To register, please contact Robin Swank at 720-272-6697 or


Proceeds from the Core Workshop will benefit the RMS-SEPM Scholarship Fund for graduate student research.



RMS-SEPM contributed $15,000 to the
Fred F. Meissner Scholarship Fund
at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado

Proceeds from
Beyond the Bakken - Williston Basin Reservoirs Core Workshop
held on June 12 & 13, 2008 at Triple O. Slabbing

Pictured from left to right:
John Humphrey Geology and Geologic Engineering Department Head at CSM
Jackie Meissner, Alex Meissner
Lyn Canter & Mark Sonnenfeld of the RMS-SEPM

RMS-SEPM would like to thank all presenters, participants and sponsors for making this a success!

Sponsors: Core Labs, Pinion Resources, Eby Petrography & Consulting, GeoEdges, Omni Labs, Reeder Energy,, Baytex Energy, Whiting Petroleum, Triple O Slabbing, USGS, NDGS